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All of our RFID tags are proudly USA-made.

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Xtreme RFID, Enables Visibility through Embedded Intelligence & Smart Infrastructure. Using RFID Tags, Sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Analytics, Xtreme RFID allows your company to see better, act faster, operate more efficiently, and compete more successfully. We give you the ability to tag, monitor, and analyze assets no matter their environment. With engineering expertise for design, prototyping, and production, your RFID tagging needs are solved, all in one place.


Even when things get a little rough in your supply chain (like toss-and-turn, flip-and-flop rough), the XTR RF 360 will never stop tracking your shipment—at ALL angles.

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XTR 360 can be scanned from all angles
Custom Engineering Solutions

Custom Engineering Solutions

We pull out all the stops. Need a specific form factor, we will shape it. Unique temperature requirements; hot or cold, we can handle it. Whatever your needs, we have the experience needed to knock it out of the park.

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Rivet Jr Tag

Ready for anything.