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Xtreme Tag® Metal

Xtreme Tag Metal
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The rugged UHF tag of choice for high performance data collection on any metal asset. The Xtreme Tag Metal features IP68 protection and is engineered to withstand strong impacts, high pressure, outdoor use, and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments. This rugged tag is well suited for tracking and management of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs), waste containers, and other metal and non-metal assets that see extreme outdoor conditions. The Xtreme Tag Metal can be attached simply with two rivets or two screws.


  • Versatile
  • UV stable
  • 3 meter (10 foot) read range
  • Fully encapsulated, one piece rugged RFID tag

Common Applications

  • Metal municipal solid waste containers
  • Metal storage containers
  • Metal construction assets

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