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Xtreme Tag® Flex

Xtreme Tag Flex
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Introducing the Xtreme Tag Flex, the newest rugged tag addition to the Xtreme RFID family.

The Xtreme Tag Flex is rugged enough to endure the harshest environments, while remaining flexible enough to contour to the shape of your assets. This tag is perfect for applications where a flat, rigid tag just won't do. The Flex is ready for:

  • Wrapping around cylindrical assets; pipes, barrels, containers
  • Hanging from assets; flexing under stress and bouncing back to its original shape and location on the asset
  • Bending around edges; racks, returnable containers, boxes

Xtreme Tag Flex is a UHF, rugged RFID tag with IP68 protection and provides resistance to severe impacts, high pressure, outdoor use and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments. Ideal for any non-metallic surface, Flex can be attached to an asset with rivets, screws or adhesive, or hung from an item via cable or zip-tie.


  • One-piece, fully encapsulated RFID tag
  • IP68 rating
  • Rugged yet flexible material
  • UV stable
  • 5.5 meter (18 foot) read range

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