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Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)

RFID in use with Returnable Transport Items

Attaching RFID tags to returnable transport items provides visibility of the RTIs and the products they carry throughout the supply chain. RFID can assist with:

  • Last seen location of the RTIs
  • Better inventory management
  • Life cycle management of the RTIs
  • Reduced labor costs for tracking inventory
  • Increased throughput and productivity
  • Reduced loss of RTIs

Within their RTI (Pallet Tagging) Guidelines the GS1 association, an international not-for-profit dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains, recommends that a minimum of two pieces of RFID tags should be placed on an RTI to assure a minimum process security.

The Xtreme Tag Duo is UHF, rugged RFID tag with IP68 protection and provides resistance to severe impacts, high pressure, outdoor use and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments.

DuoFor applications requiring a pair of tags the Xtreme Tag Duo consists of a pair of identical rugged RFID tags that are pre-encoded with the same ID number. The tags are coupled together to ensure that the two identical tags are attached to the same asset. Many companies attach multiple tags to a container or asset to provide read redundancy and increase overall system effectiveness. For such applications, it is critical that the tags match and that they be delivered in a format to make attachment error free, efficient, and easy.Snap-In clear

Read GS1's entire RTI (Pallet Tagging) Guideline document here.