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Visual Identification

Xtreme RFID: IDEATE Visual Identification

We know that technology is not the only consideration when it comes to customizing an RFID tag. Whether you need to categorize by color, or incorporate human readable numbers for duplicative accuracy, we’re able to design your product the way you need it. Decoration and personalization options include:

  • Human Readable Numbers
  • Barcodes / 2D and QR Codes
  • Logo and Branding Imagery
  • Clear / Specific Resin Colors

Tag Customization Example


Challenge: Improve read accuracy through a pair of identically numbered RFID tags. Requirement for human readable numbers, barcodes and company branding.

IDEATE-visual-identification-rtis-rfidIDEATE Design Features
  • Visual Identification: Clear encapsulation allowing use of human readable numbers and barcodes
  • Attachment: Two identical tags physically paired during manufacturing for accurate installation
  • Environment: Two identical tags ensuring ID capture regardless of asset orientation in RFID read zone
Business Process Improvements
  • Increased system effectiveness through read redundancy
  • Improved inventory management
  • Visibility into last known location
  • Tracking asset life cylce costs