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RF Performance

Xtreme RFID: IDEATE RF Performance

Not only do we have design partners who can customize an RFID inlay for your specific application, we’ve gone to the extreme and benchmarked all of the readily available RFID inlays from major industry suppliers. Having tested the inlays in free air and in a variety of encapsulation materials, our team is able to spec the most appropriate inlay for your specific application. Inlay partners include:

  • Alien Technology®
  • Avery Dennison RFID
  • Impinj, Inc.®
  • Invengo Technology Corp.
  • Smartrac
  • Vizinex RFID
  • William Frick & Company™

Tag Customization Example

Oil Pipe Tag

Challenge: Measurement of degradation of pipe wall thickness on oil pipes moving caustic materials. Requirement for multiple RFID tags to be stacked upon each other and read, within a narrow space of the wall of the pipe.

IDEATE-rf-performance-oil-pipe-rfidIDEATE Design Features
  • RF Performance: Stacked HF tags allowing for readability, providing customer alert upon need for asset replacement
  • Footprint: Thin tag designed for stacking multiple tags within limited space
  • Environment: Rugged durability to withstand caustic chemicals, extreme temperatures and extrusion processes
Business Process Improvements
  • Eliminating potential environmental issues due to chemical spills
  • Predicting on-hand inventory needs
  • Tracking life cycle of the asset