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Xtreme RFID: IDEATE Footprint

Probably the most commonly known customization category includes the standard concept of form factor. When we’re customizing your rugged RFID tag, you can rest assured our engineers are designing from an “all of the above” perspective. The flexibility in our design and manufacturing process allows us to customize your tag’s form factor, with considerations including:

  • Size / Dimension / Thickness
  • Shape
  • Fit
  • Function

Tag Customization Example

Gas Cylinder Tag

Challenge: Implement a tag for testing verification of small gas cylinders used in mining, without interfering with test equipment. Requirement for an RFID tag in the shape of a ring to fit the mouth of the gas cylinder, with enough height to keep the RFID inlay off the cylinder.

IDEATE-footprint-gas-cylinder-rfidIDEATE Design Features
  • Footprint: Tag designed as stand-off incorporating HF ring, offering simplified, cost effective installation
  • RF Performance: HF ring allowing for near-metal use
  • Visual Identificaiton: Company branding manufactured into tag
Business Process Improvements
  • Ensuring mine safety through verification of cylinder testing
  • Minimized labor costs