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Xtreme RFID: IDEATE Attachment

Extreme environments mandate custom solutions that you just can’t buy off the shelf. Whether you’re integrating RFID into an existing product line or designing the use of RFID in a new market, our engineers can design a mounting method for your custom tag that’s sure to stand the test of harsh environments. Attachment method considerations include:

  • Mounting Substrate
  • Environment
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Pairing

Tag Customization Example

Returnable Bread Tray Tag

Challenge: Replace an existing peel-and-stick label, which required excessive labor to install, for asset tracking of returnable bread trays. Requirement for quick and easy RFID installation.

IDEATE-attachment-bread-tray-rfidIDEATE Design Features
  • Attachment: Cost effective installation with no tools required, tag snaps directly into the bread tray design
  • Environment: Robust durability of tag during asset handling
Business Process Improvements
  • Minimized labor costs
  • Inventory loss reduction
  • Avoidance of excess purchasing, especially during peak times
  • Tracking asset life cycle costs