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How Xtreme Got Started

RFID in use in Municipal Solid Waste - RecycleBank

A customer request led to the creation of Xtreme RFID. Recyclebank® contacted us with an interest in attaching RFID tags on two wheeled residential recycling containers. Our expertise in large scale injection molding along with our history of manufacturing large waste recycling containers made us a logical partner to pursue this endeavor. Recyclebank® was developing an incentive based recycling program to increase recycling rates and divert trash from landfills and needed RFID tags to collect data to drive and manage their program.

We developed a tag that would meet the stringent requirements of the municipal solid waste industry. This environment included extreme temperatures, seasonal weather, multiple impacts and substantial vibration. These RFID tags were also expected to remain in working condition for 10 years. We designed, engineered and tested this product which led to the development of our Xtreme RFID tag. Our Xtreme RFID tag snaps into position (as shown above) behind the upper rim of our two wheeled container.

The program uses RFID readers located on trucks to track their customer’s involvement in recycling along with the total weight of the recycled waste collected in each neighborhood. RFID tags are also used to track sanitation truck routing. In these communities, individual households earn rewards based on an equal percentage of the total neighborhood recycling weight. Recyclebank deposits that amount of points into your individual Recyclebank account. So, if the total neighborhood gathers 100 points, and there are 10 households in the neighborhood, each household get 10 points.

Based on our early success with Recyclebank® and the recognized need for rugged RFID tags in other markets XTREME RFID was established as a Cascade Engineering business unit in 2005.  We now engineer and manufacture rugged RFID tags for multiple markets and applications. We pride ourselves on providing RFID tags so you can gain the benefits of RFID Tags in extreme environments. Our Xtreme rugged RFID tags are currently in use in the following markets:

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Agricultural and Food Industry
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Rental Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Underground Storage